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About Laura

As a working mom and resident of Hall County for nearly 40 years, Laura Stiner is poised to spark the change the County Clerk’s Office needs.


Stiner began her career as a residential home builder in 1997. Her company provided dream homes to her clients, motivating many families to plant their roots in Hall County. She led the creative process of building each custom home by locating suitable home sites. Stiner provided expertise on all phases of development, from assisting with plans and permits to managing subcontractors and production timelines. Her ability to stand tough and negotiate desirable land and labor contracts saved thousands of dollars on behalf of her clients.


As the housing market slowed, Stiner embarked on a new journey in the Office of the Clerk of Courts.  Beginning in the Traffic Division, Stiner excelled and soon transitioned to the Civil Division. For several years, Stiner’s friendly face greeted customers entering the Clerk's Office and her enthusiasm was contagious. A member of the leadership team commented, "Laura, you're exactly what this office needed!" Stiner stepped away in 2015 to be at home with her newborn triplets.  Since that time, she frequently communicates with members of the Clerk’s Office and within the courthouse to stay abreast of the key issues at hand. 


When elected Clerk of Courts, Laura Stiner will leverage her experience, positive mentality, and customer-oriented management skills to provide the prompt, professional and efficient services the county deserves.  Her main focus is to develop and maintain a positive work culture at the courthouse.

“With a great culture comes unity and honest communication, which is key to solving challenges as a team. As issues are resolved, efficient procedures quickly replace ancient methods of business. As a result, Hall County will see decreased customer wait times, quicker records processing, and the elimination of wasted resources on outdated methods.” 

-Laura Stiner

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